EPC Label

The certificate consists of 2 parts, namely an Energy Score and an EPC label.

The EPC label indicates a percentage 'Share of renewable energy'. This is the ratio between:

  • The amount of renewable energy generated and used locally
  • The amount of renewable and non-renewable energy used by the building unit
We believe the EPC for non-residential buildings should be an important part of the sustainability strategy of companies, organisations and governments. The EPC can help create a culture of energy conservation and sustainability, where making buildings more sustainable is not just an obligation, but also an opportunity to cut costs and improve operations. Freestone

So what is mandatory when?

The obligation to have an EPC NR will tighten step by step until every major non-residential building unit has an EPC by 2026, even without being transferred or leased.

Below are the milestones set by the Flemish government regarding the EPC NR:

EPC NR tijdlijn

How do you obtain an EPC-NR label?

A Type D energy expert should take the following steps to prepare an EPC-NR certificate:

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