Datafiche project

  • Client: Brandweerzone Kempen
  • Assignment: Quickscan van de brandweerkazernes in de zone Kempen
  • Period: januari 2020 - juni 2020
  • Size project: Quickscans, buildings audits, multi-year maintenance planning, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Surface area: 3.412 m²
  • Number of buildings: 6 fire stations
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The Firefighting Region Kempen disposes of 6 barracks that are managed by the fire brigade through a long lease of 50 years. It concerns the fire stations in Geel, Herentals, Mol, Westerlo, Grobbendonk and Balen. After entering into the leasehold agreement, the fire brigade, in the words of Major Filip Kenis, wanted to 'know what they stand for'.

The services provided consisted of screening, inspecting and determining the condition of the selected buildings, building elements and installations. Four sub-tasks were defined and carried out:

Afterwards, overall syntheses per barracks and a cross-comparison between the barracks were made.

Brandweerzone Kempen Grobbendonk

Interested in more information about building audits and long-term maintenance plans?