Project info

  • Customer: AZ Alma
  • Timing: August- September 2018
  • Contractor: Freestone & Ingenium
  • Location: Eeklo
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Freestone and Ingenium were asked the following questions:

  • The maintenance support for the contractors will expire. What can AZ Alma do on its own and what is best outsourced in terms of maintenance?
  • Does AZ Alma have the right organisation to provide facility maintenance for the building?
  • Does AZ Alma have the right tools and competences for this?

In a limited time span, a first evaluation of the current organisation was done. On the basis of this, a strategy was developed for the future organisation, including a plan of approach for the continuation.

Freestone included the part of organization and tools and Ingenium the part of maintenance and energy.

The results of the Quick Scan led to: