Recently, the search was started for quality reinforcement of the program management team within the infrastructure department. This team has to draw up the construction program for GO! and then translate to construction planning of major infrastructure works. The profile of project manager must therefore represent GO! in these major construction projects. The focus is on project management in close collaboration with the school groups and in accordance with the strategic vision of GO!.


  • Customer: GO! onderwijs van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap

Needless to say, the profile sought must have sound professional knowledge and experience in areas such as project management, portfolio management, public-private partnerships, negotiations, design and construction processes, etc. The project manager manages several challenging and critical construction projects simultaneously. He is responsible for defending the interests of GO! and guarantee the agreed project objectives in accordance with the proposed quality, scope, budget and timing. And of course there is also extensive reporting involved.

Thanks to its expertise in this field and its extensive network of junior and senior profiles, Freestone was able to find the suitable candidate for GO!. Roel Schreurs, master of architecture, will support the program management team for a year with their challenging building projects.

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