The City of Leuven owns a very diverse portfolio to support its policy. In the past, this was often approached from the point of view of the policy domains, which each managed their own facilities.

This led to management in ‘silos’, whereby on the one hand an overarching strategy was missing, and on the other this opened the door to inefficiencies owing to the fragmentation.

Because the City of Leuven's Buildings Service was gaining greater autonomy as regards the maintenance of the buildings, and because the available resources were insufficient, the City of Leuven wished to transform itself into an active real estate manager.


  • Customer: City and PCSW of Leuven
  • Project scope: Drawing up real estate strategy


Freestone stond de stad bij met betrekking tot:

  • The development of an inventory method (what and how?).
  • The development of evaluation criteria and scoring mechanisms for the evaluation of the buildings (spatial, technical, financial, operational, legal, sustainable nature, user perception, multi-functionality, etc.).
  • Drawing up scenarios and identifying cross-policy synergies.
  • Concrete action plans and condition assessments.

Knowledge transfer of methodologies and tools for practical use were a major core principle for this assignment and the choice of Freestone as a partner.

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