The space requirements for the various users / business units were mapped out on the basis of interviews, once Freestone had drawn up a strategic vision paper along with the company directors. These included particular starting points, such as the desire to share out infrastructure between the business units in the best way possible. The buildings were thoroughly screened (spatially, technically and financially).

Subsequently, the buildings themselves and the collective requirements programme were brought face to face in order that scenarios could then be developed, leading to a preferred scenario following evaluation. The technical buildings were approached from 4 points of view: spatial, technical, financial (including operating costs and valorisation options) and legal.


  • Client: City of Antwerp
  • Project scope: Drawing up strategic plan for technical buildings in the City of Antwerp

Freestone onderscheidde volgende deeltaken in dit project

  • Development of vision for technical buildings (e.g. the need for presence in the districts).
  • Mapping out current (AS-IS) situation (which services are where, evaluation of the current portfolio based on a weighted criteria matrix).
  • Development of future needs and requirements programmes (TO-BE).
  • Gap analysis comparing current offering with the future demand (do the buildings satisfy the current and future functional needs in the best way possible, etc.).
  • Development and evaluation of various accommodation scenarios (NPV analysis, SWOT).
  • Drawing up practical action plan with financial and operational planning, timing and critical path to success.

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