Aleris, world leader in the production and sale of aluminium rolled products, asked Freestone to assist them in drawing up a master plan and to guide them in the step-by-step implementation of it. In recent years, the focus was mainly on the turnover and profitability of the company. Now Aleris wants to make up the backlog in terms of infrastructure.

Aleris 1
- New buildings - Coffee corners - Green corridors - Park and green areas - Semi-paved areas - Orchard parks - Transport roads - Work and storage areas


  • Customer: Aleris
  • Period: May 2018 - August 2019
  • Project: Strategic masterplan site, definition concept and social structure

In a first step towards a master plan, the pain points of the current infrastructure and layout were listed. Then, the outlines of the master plan were drawn.

For example, the number of office buildings had to be reduced, taking into account current benchmarks in terms of space utilisation and standards. The modern arrangement of all personal infrastructure was to be used not only as a change enabler for staff, but also as a marketing tool for customers and visitors. The unique capabilities of the company in terms of production processes and products should be reflected in the infrastructure.

  • In a first phase, the strategic vision of the management is set out in a vision note indicating the preconditions (timing, financial, spatial, ...) for the further elaboration of the study.
  • Next, the needs of the organization are analyzed and through a gap analysis confronted with the current buildings and layout.
  • Based on future needs, a generic real estate, office and design concept is being worked out in which the new standardized working environment principles are reflected in a so-called workplace catalog.
  • Once the principles have been established and the needs have been translated spatially, various housing scenarios are mapped out. Different variants are elaborated and compared to obtain the best substantiated choices. The result is a complete real estate and work environment masterplan with a concrete project plan with timing, budgets and detailed planning for implementation. Freestone provided an analysis report and executive summary for this.

Backbone en conceptueel plan in context

The 'backbone' of the master plan is the main route that crosses the site from the quay to the street. It is the connection between the central beating heart (factory entrances, refectory, sanitary facilities and operations) and the new NAG building. This route provides orientation. From this backbone, every location on the site is accessible.