In a rapidly changing social context, whereby the membership numbers at sports clubs are rising sharply and the parochial club life is more likely to fall away and be replaced by activities that are more aimed at personal experience and quality time with the family, it makes more sense to abandon a number of buildings and rebuild via concepts adapted for the current functional requirements, at locations that are better suited to this. The municipality had noticed shortages in other places.

The municipality also wished to optimise the management and encourage joint use so as to get the greatest social benefit from all the accommodations.


  • Customer: Municipality and PCSW of Willebroek
  • Project description: Full accommodation study
  • Scope: 25 buildings in the sports and socio-cultural sector

Freestone was approached to develop an accommodation study for this infrastructure with an action plan for the coming 15 years. We worked through the following practical steps:

  • 1. Inventorisation of the buildings (location, state, cost level, capacity utilisation)
  • 2. Assessment of requirements (demographic and social evolutions)
  • 3. Analysis of current policy context (policy plans, measures/projects already complete)
  • 4. Development of strategic vision for accommodation policy
  • 5. Mapping out the gap between the current offering and requirements for social accommodations, inc. scenario comparison
  • 6. Action plan: conversion of chosen scenarios into concrete action points, timing and estimate of costs and profits

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