Acerta has been using Freestone's condition assessment services since 2013, which serve as the basis for its multi-annual maintenance planning. Acerta's group office in Leuven was being renovated during this period. The renovation covered 22,000m² spread across 6 floors above ground. Initially, this solely involved the reorganisation of the building, whereby the focus in the first instance did not lie upon the status of the building or equipment elements, the maintenance requirements or the multi-annual maintenance budget.


  • Customer: Acerta
  • LA surface area in accordance with EN NBN 15-221: 18,533m² above ground
  • First inspectie: in 2014
  • Inspection and update maintenance planning: 2019

However, Acerta quickly saw the need for professional supervisory guidance on inspections of the building and the installations present. This made it possible to gain an insight into the costs and measures that were necessary to ensure the good maintenance of the building and its grounds.

A review of the multi-annual maintenance planning is scheduled for every five years. This will be internally aligned with Acerta's long-term vision, offering the advantage of transparency and predictability. For Jan Oostens, Facility Manager at Acerta, it is a handy tool when drawing up the annual budgets.

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