General project info

  • Client: VDAB
  • Assignment: Recommendations for energy-efficient renovation VDAB
  • Period: 03-2021 - 06/2021
  • Surface area: 212.900 m²
  • Number of buildings: 36
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For the latter, the buildings that will be retained for the time being, it must be determined whether it is worthwhile effectively retaining them subject to energetic renovation for the estimated useful life of these buildings. The aim is to stretch the life span of these buildings provided that this is in balance with the cost of the energy renovation.

In addition, the 'avoidance cost' is also taken into account for the buildings which would be included in the master campuses.

Freestone, in cooperation with Ingenium, examines the feasibility of CO2 neutrality on both building and heritage level. After an individual analysis of the individual sites, different scenarios are worked out on the patrimony level.

This analysis will support VDAB in their real estate strategy and policy decisions.

Plan of approach

The information gathered from the analysis is actually used by VDAB in the investment projects. Various projects have already been planned for implementation this year. What we particularly appreciated was the constructive attitude and cooperation of Freestone in the elaboration to include even more relevant criteria in the evaluation table, in order to obtain a broader than energetic sheet per building. Ignace Naeyaert - Diensthoofd Facility VDAB

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