Why Change Management?

Meet your targets

Prosci's research shows that the chance of success of change processes is 6 times higher when a good change process is in place, instead of little change management.

Change Management contributes to the chance that a project is completed on time and within budget. Change Management is therefore not a cost item, but primarily a catalyst for achieving the desired change.

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Reduce negative consequences

When someone is in the low part of the blue curve below, i.e. in a change process without Change Management, it is likely that this person feels less demotivated and is also less productive. Chances are that the person is also influencing others negatively by his behaviour.

By applying Change Management (correctly), you will ensure that the people in your organisation will accept the change more quickly, and will therefore work more efficiently, that there will be less production loss, and that they will influence others less negatively.

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Greater chance of success for your project

An organisation that wants to implement a change has the top part of the picture in mind. Namely, the entire organisation goes through a transition in order to fully implement the change.

In practice, it is about individuals within an organisation who must go through a transition from their current state to the future state.

Here we see the added value of change management. Because change management supports the human side of the change (while project management works on the 'technical' solution).

Without change management, the chance of success of your project will be less, because fewer colleagues will have gone through the full transition. The result: lower ROI, you create a negative memory of a failed change, your objectives are not (or not fully) achieved. This is obviously not what you had in mind when you implemented the change. Want to exchange thoughts?
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Avoidable costs and manageable risks

What are the consequences for the project if we do not manage the people side of change well?


  • Delays in project implementation
  • Missed milestones
  • Budget overruns
  • Duplication of work required
  • Loss of work by project team


  • Resistance - active and passive
  • Project put on hold
  • Resources not made available
  • Obstacles appear unexpectedly
  • Project fails to deliver results
  • Project is completely abandoned

What are the consequences for the organisation if we do not manage the people side of change well?


  • Productivity declines (permanent and drastic)
  • Loss of valued employees
  • Reduced quality of work


  • Impact on customers
  • Impact on suppliers
  • Morale drops
  • Legacy of failed change
  • Stress, confusion, fatigue
  • Change fatigue

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