The fact that Freestone only works for tenants was the trigger for Servauto to enter into a collaboration for the preparation of a stay-or-leave analysis. The lease related to an office space of +/- 960 m² and around 30 parking spaces had to be evaluated. The positive and negative aspects of the building, the region and the rental conditions were examined. An extensive qualitative and financial comparison was made based on the alternatives offered after a market consultation. The (changed) needs of Servauto were always taken into account.

The existing offices were redesigned by Freestone's workplace experts to examine if space could be saved without sacrificing the work quality of employees.


  • Customer: Servauto
  • Timing: January - March 2019
  • Project: Stay-or-leave and rental negotiation Servauto
  • Location: Zaventem
  • Size: 960 m² and around 30 parking spaces

Approach Freestone

  • Determining strategic vision regarding future housing
  • Layout of future space needs
  • Analysis of existing building in relation to future space requirements
  • Market analysis for alternative options
  • Format stay-or-leave business case
  • Negotiation with top 3 shortlist properties
  • Drawing up a new lease contract


After the preparation of a stay-or-leave business case, it became clear that a stay scenario was the most desirable option for Servauto. The owner was willing to make some technical adjustments to the offices and the arrival of a restaurant and communal meeting rooms was welcomed. In addition to these qualitative parameters, the rental conditions for Servauto were optimized, with significant savings over the term of the new contract.