One of these buildings was sold a few years ago and rented back until the end of 2019. By that time, all the staff present - about a thousand people - and the technical installations would have to be moved to other buildings from the Proximus Group's portfolio, mainly to the Proximus Towers, in Brussels near the North station.

At the same time, the switch to the New Way of Working (NWOW) in the Towers (also called DWP (Digital WorkPlace)) would be facilitated. To this end, almost all floors of the building (53 floors or 80,000 m²) had to be redesigned and all teams were assisted with the changes.

These two initiatives resulted in more than 11,000 relocations to be carried out by the end of April 2019. In practice, this meant that for a little more than a year, almost a full floor was delivered every week and an average of 175 people moved. In addition to this core program, numerous specific projects were also carried out (development of a new floor concept, construction of new snack bars and technical, complex network monitoring and control rooms) and the total infrastructure of the building was adapted to the new situatio.


  • Customer: Connectimmo
  • Timing: 2018 - 2019
  • Scope: 53 floores or 80,000m² & 11,000 moves
  • Location: Proximus Towers, Brussels

In order to successfully complete the preparation and implementation of these relocations, renovations and changes, Connectimmo called on Freestone People to find a suitable Consultant Program Manager. Because of the size and impact of the project, the profile sought had to meet high requirements.

Trilingualism was a must, communication skills were highly regarded and persuasiveness and motivating action were of course essential to be able to bring this change process to a successful conclusion.

Freestone was already known to us as a specialist in the supervision of professional construction projects. This time we were completely relieved by Freestone People in the search for a suitable profile for our relocation project. The profile offered met our expectations perfectly. Jan Joos (Director Group Internal Services Proximus)

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