Alongside SaaS (Software as a Service) and MaaS (Mobility as a Service: many manufacturers in the car industry are developing MaaS via various applications for car-sharing), BaaS is a new addition that is disrupting the construction industry. This is owing to a growing realisation within the construction industry that when we know exactly how a building will behave, from construction to demolition, we could actually charge by the hour for its use. Revolutionary!

Whatever the future holds, BaaS will soon become a reality. Every innovation improves the user experience of the building, raises the efficiency of building systems, increases the buildings' profitability and is thereby undoubtedly disrupting the traditional construction sector.



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Freestone analysed the market for co-working spaces for us and drew up a detailed business plan. They supported us in both the substance and the creativity of the project, which has contributed to the success of Katrien Depoorter - Project Leader for

Today, the market for co-working spaces is evolving rapidly. The demand for flexible spaces is rising, and not only among the major players. Local initiatives are also taking advantage of this steady increase in flexibility of time and space within the real estate market. Moreover, users are more and more often looking for comfort and perception when using spaces, related services and payment methods.

Engie found itself confronted with a surplus of square metres, which it intends to bring to market commercially in the form of a flexible solution for office space. It also wishes to offer its expertise in commercialising surplus office space as a service.


This was how - Flexible Working Place at your service - was born

Freestone provided support for Engie in developing the business plan for This consisted of an analysis of the market supply of ‘flexible spaces’ and the development of a business model with consideration for marketing, cost structure, infrastructure and an invoicing model.

Engie also called upon Freestone's expertise for the further rollout of the concept. There were specific questions around process mapping, whereby the business processes were mapped out and documented. The alignment of these business processes with the existing application was subsequently left in Freestone's expert hands as well.

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