• Customer: Sibelga

Freestone experts in both Move Management and Space Planning guaranteed the professional execution of this assignment. This project for Sibelga focuses on the following domains.

  • Organization and coordination of all internal relocation movements and design projects
  • Advice and guidance on the optimal design of the spaces
  • Advice on the choice of sustainable materials for the design and finishing
  • Management of the furniture
  • Updating and updating various (autocad) plans: keeping the plans up-to-date after layout work and internal relocations (technical, architectural, location, occupation)
  • Development and management of a reporting system (FMIS tool) in which besides assets also spatial information is included (space management and asset management)

100% independent advice

The independence of Freestone is strongly reflected in the choice of the reporting system. The choice for a specific tool is only driven by the specific needs of our customers.

Thanks to our extensive experience with FMIS implementation, we were able to present to Sibelga the software package that best meets their needs. Once that choice has been made, we guide them through the challenging software integration project.


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