• A condition measurement is an objective measurement carried out on the basis of the standardized approach NEN2767, which serves as the basis for a multi-year maintenance planning. These 'instruments' are used when making decisions. But they are only static. From a methodological point of view, these tools are efficiently used in a decision model, which in turn is influenced/driven by a number of policy decisions. The financial feasibility is already an important precondition.
  • Policy decisions lead to accents and emphases in implementation. Policy decisions require the use of the available budget in order to get as many buildings as possible to a desired 'condition level' in a short period of time.
  • Freestone is very familiar with embedding tools such as condition measurement and multi-year maintenance plans in a policy-driven decision model. In a second phase, the first results of the condition measurement will be tested against the OCMW's vision on these buildings.
Freestone method: integration of objective tools and policy-driven preconditions/emphasis.

Project info

  • Client: OCMW Turnhout
  • Timing: March 2014 - January 2015
  • Location: Turnhout
  • Project size: 9 plots with multiple buildings (mixed functions)
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The condition measurements have identified various defects of various nature and seriousness. These defects are either

  • Already repaired (for safety reasons)
  • Currently in quotation phase or tender for maintenance, repair or replacement.
  • Included in a dynamic multi-year maintenance plan

In addition, action points were proposed to address these issues in a methodical and practical way:

  • Facility management: customized structure & service desk
  • Additional Project Managers to support the Facility Manager and coordinate maintenance
  • FM approach: intermediate visual inspection of buildings
  • Drawing up a master plan for (re)construction projects according to the type of occupancy and use: objectives, action plan and proposal design and maintenance requirements (product requirements document)