Freestone, however, takes lease management to the next level. We advise, for example, on taking actions based on these critical deadlines or due dates. Freestone benchmarks the rent and performs a quick scan analysis whenever an opportunity presents itself. In short: a mini stay-or-leave business case. In this way we support Adecco in taking the right strategic decisions.


  • Customer: Adecco
  • Project: Lease Management
  • Timing: 2017 - 2019
  • Size: 88 buildings
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If it turns out that the current property is the best option, but that the rental price is higher than the local benchmark, Freestone will handle the entire renegotiation. If a more suitable location is found, more in line with Adecco's business strategy, Freestone will take care of site selection.

Total unburdening

With every action, Freestone's priority is to provide the customer with professional support - and this in an independent manner. Freestone can rely on extensive national market knowledge in combination with its own specific database of more than 6,500 reference rental prices for retail properties.

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