1. Detailed inventory per room, for all the rooms of the different ZNA sites.
  2. Objective condition measurement for all building elements and installations of the different ZNA sites, according to the most recent version of the NEN2767.
  3. Reporting, which keeps all data digitally up to date, and at least consists of:
    - A condition report, including all insights into the condition, defects, location, priority, etc.
    - Management reporting with, among other things, all insights into the costs for the next 20 years
    - Technical reporting including all insights into the inventory, preventive measures, etc.
    - Energy quickscan report including potential energy savings
ZNA 01


1. Inventory (basis for condition measurement)

= list of all structural and building-related (hospital-related) technical assets, room by room, according to a framework determined by ZNA. Including a check of the labeling.

The inventory report was drawn up

  • per site,
  • per building section and per room,
  • with a minimum of these data: year of construction, in which room, installation number, brand, type, etc.
  • where the label was missing, Freestone applied a provisional label.

2. Condition measurement - for each building

  • A condition measurement of the inventoried elements was also carried out in accordance with NEN 2767.
  • In addition, the costs (opex/capex, preventive or corrective maintenance) for each item inventoried were mapped out.
  • A complete report of the inventory, the condition measurement and the estimated costs was set up.

3. Energy study of the different buildings (quick scan)

  • Per site presentation of the buildings
  • Description of existing condition: building shell, HVAC, ...
  • Energy Consumption Analysis
  • Identification of energy improvement measures
  • Action plan


  • In 9 hospitals: 10,550 rooms inspected and inventoried
  • 214.000 m²
  • 18,153 assets inventoried and included in the multi-annual maintenance plan
  • 1,500 registered defects incl. photo and explanation
  • Turnaround time: 5 months

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