A short, medium and long-term real estate strategy was missing in which the scarce resources are deployed where they yield best and where financial resources are made available.

Edegem goed

Edegem had the following plan in mind:

A thorough analysis of its real estate. The following elements were crucial to this:

  1. What is the current annual maintenance cost for the buildings?
  2. Where are there opportunities for optimising the buildings' use? E.g. Investment to reduce energy costs, optimisation of use of space…?
  3. What creative lines of thinking are possible for maintaining the portfolio in the long term?
  4. Could any grounds/buildings still be sold or put on the market in some other way? Are there any other possibilities for using the portfolio to generate resources for maintaining the rest of it?


  • Client: Municipality of Edegem
  • Assignment: Portfolio analysis for the Municipality of Edegem
  • Period: november 2018 – juni 2019

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