An urban development design for these sites was already underway, with both private and public policy sections. A private party was developing a no-obligation financial proposal and a plan of approach for the development of these sites.


The governing bodies and the school portfolio owners desired certainty on the sales results expected in 2012, with implementation in 2017.​

The City of Beringen wished to develop the project areas through an area-specific PPC (public/private collaboration) in an integrated manner and to take a leading role in this, using the urban development plan as the basis.​

The City wished to recuperate the costs of opening up the new school campus via the surplus value from the sale of the real estate in the centre. In doing so, it wished to avoid the centre becoming a construction site for years on end, while also avoiding the developments leading to vacant buildings / eyesores.​


  • Customer: City of Beringen
  • Period: 2014
  • Project scope: Drawing up real estate strategy for three school sites and a swimming pool site

De opdracht van Freestone omvatte volgende elementen:

  • Financial and market-technical investigation and testing of the real estate plan in terms of feasibility and method of implementation. ​
  • This took account of other developments in the surroundings (including on the old mining site Be-Mine).​
  • Based on this, strategic advice for the city council and portfolio owners was formulated that led to a feasible & workable project, which all parties could agree to.​
  • Strategic advice on marketing methods.​
  • Investigation of the no-obligation proposal that a consortium was drawing up for the development of the sites.​

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